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is she not the cutest baby ever!! everyone says she looks like me! 😉

this is goofy but i love it cuz she is talking and is so animated!!

the funeral…

i shouldn’t be nervous about these kind of things, but i am… maybe by the second baby i won’t be so self consious about it… but at the funeral today i was sooo paranoid! i didn’t want lizzie to cry or blab. it was sooo quiet in the funeral home. thankfully there were plenty of other antsy children at the funeral, none as young as lizzie, but louder. i did have to dash out half way through to latch her on… lately she hasn’t been content being pacified by nursing so that’s why i dashed just in case she wanted bopped and walked around… i haven’t done a very good job at making her sit on my lap and be content there during church and such. she had an upset tummy today so i hated to start forcing it today but it is on my list of things to do… i hear this is the trick to getting them to sit still during church later on in their little life (thanks for the tip Heath!)… just not wanting to deal with that first tantrum in public so i just know making her sit on my lap when she doesn’t want to will cause a tantrum! i think i need to toughen up, eh!! 🙂

5 months old

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smushy cheeks!
new shoes! they finally fit just right where they won’t fall off all the time!

nummy fingers! who knew they could taste so good!

this is soooo super for car rides! 🙂

sorry this picture is on here twice- i can’t figure out how to get it off of here! lol brother! i’m still learning…

she looooves this! thank you gma penny!!

sitting up

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i feel so emotionally torn.

after the funeral visitation last night lizzie and i were just hanging out on the floor. i was snacking on some popcorn and she just was dying to stick her hands in the bowl and play with all those little white things. the only way for her to have that kind of access to the popcorn bowl (i may be sorry later for letting her play in my food just this once. lol) was for her to sit on the floor. so i got her positioned and was hanging onto her waist and without realizing it i had taken my hands off of her and she balanced herself for a good 1-2 min. it was a looooong time! she toppled a bit when she decided she needed to move the popcorn bowl… 🙂

i can’t believe she can sit up by herself! i am soooo proud of her, yet i am so bummed! she’s not my itty bitty newborn anymore! she’s so much fun, giggling, playing, ticklish, and so much more but i still miss my little baby!! i have honestly cherished every moment with her and have not taken one minute for granted to hopefully minimize this feeling (i thought maybe even eliminate it) but it is still sooo strong! guess i’ll have to have another! 😉

lizzie has been a tad fussy the last couple of days. poor thing. she’s a home girl… we have been out of the house and out of our daily schedule since friday. and we will be gone for the funeral today… hopefully she will take a couple good long naps and be happy happy for the funeral. church was horrible! it was soooo hot and she just refused to sleep while she was that hot. i don’t blame her- i hate being hot too but it made for a loooooooong service with her crying every few min because of the temp. 😦

i am hoping to take some pictures of lizzie today while she’s all dressed up for the funeral. i don’t have any pictures of her as a 5 month old… i’ll post em when i get some good ones!!

soooo true!

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this week lizzie turned 5 months old…

she has decided her toys make her very angry by not reading her mind. (so all-girl, eh?!). i’m calling my sister like, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CHILD- she won’t stop yelling and for no apparent reason. she’s not crying- well sometimes she gets that worked up, but the majority of the time she is just yelling. she will even throw the toys. she usually throws them a couple times before she yells at them. she is now getting in trouble for doing this, BUT it is still funny! she will be in her excersaucer and she’ll chuck a toy on to the floor and lean over the edge of the tray and proceed to yell and scream at it!!! i’m sure the toy is feeling very low and disciplined by liz at this point! BROTHER! i really think she got this from eric. LOL

this week i am recovering from a yucky cold. i am very thankful lizzie hasn’t gotten this cold, yet. i dread the first time she is sick (and i’m sure everytime after that, but the first time is in the forefront of my mind now). my heart will just break!!!

tonight liz and i are headed to a ladies retreat by Beth Moore “Loving Well”. i’m really excited about it! will be a busy weekend though… but i think i’m ready. the laundry is done and diapers are washed… that’s a good start for the weekend.

signing off for now…
let’s all pray together now: NO MORE SNOW! 🙂


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well… i tend to get these ideas and make these goals and not really follow through with them. the idea of it and excitement that goes along with it soon dies off and i stop… i pray this is different. lately i’ve read lots of blogs and have found their thoughts and lives very inspiring… i hope, my family and friends enjoy reading this in the future and just maybe find it inspiring. 🙂 so happy blogging!