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my favorite photoshoot yet!

Posted: 03/24/2008 in life

lizzie’s new dresses…

she talked the whole time (that’s why the faces are so funny!!).can you tell which is her favorite? it’s sooo amazing to me how much personality she has! she looooves the camera! i’m sorry there’s so many- i just couldn’t pick so i had to upload most of them! lol (thank you grammy pammy for the new dresses! we LOVE them!) enjoy! :o)

soooo ready for spring!!!

look at those hands flappin! so excited! LOL i should have had the videocamera instead!!!!

we had a hard time sitting up while in this dress! we were just too excited! everytime she saw this dress she had to pounce on it!!! 🙂 this one, i think, is her favorite!!!

i love this girl

Posted: 03/21/2008 in life

6 months old

Posted: 03/21/2008 in life

my sweet lizzie faith is six months old today! i honestly don’t believe it! i heard about momnesia (mom-amnesia) a couple weeks ago and i thought to myself (actually i think i even said it outloud) THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!! what a relief to finally know… but on milestones such as these i feel like i can’t remember six months worth of memories- therefore i feel like i missed something, like i woke up and a year went by… such a weird feeling.

why is the weather always miserable on Easter! the past 5 years (are the years i can remember) were yucky- cold and rainy… this year i’m going to be comfortable! i’m always cold because i go with the trend of wearing spring clothing! well not this year peeps! i’m an independent women!!! now i just need to find something to wear- at least i’ve declared what i’m not wearing! check that off my list

ok so now about this picture! this was takin last sat. by mary catherine while we were designing mc’s wedding invites! (thank you for capturing this sweet moment, mc! i owe ya! 😉 ) this is a chocolate chip bag: perfect in weight, long crinkly handle ideal for girl’s approx 6 months of age. mmm mmm good! (no she’s not eating them just playin with the bag and chompin on a thumb!)
have a happy easter!!!


Posted: 03/18/2008 in life

what a fun day! heather, ethan, lane, attie, lilli, gena, mom, and amanda came to see us! what fun! mom was out of meat so they came to spend the day and run to western’s (in green top, a near by town that sells yummy meat)… my house is SOOOO tiny and i am reminded of this when everyone is here! the kiddos don’t seem to mind too much.

lane and ethan are sooo good with lucy (our dog). lucy enjoyed them today too! i don’t think anyone has played with lucy (cept daddy) for weeks now! poor thing! i remember how clingy she was towards the end of the pregnancy- almost like she knew she would forever be neglected (by me) from then on! 😦 oh well! hopefully this spring we will get her trained to walk with us again and i can re-establish dominance and we can go on daily walks again!!

the girls (lilli and attie) had fun cleaning my house! thank you ladies!!! i don’t think i’ll have to dust for a couple weeks. i may need to buy some more cleaner. i think it was more fun to get the papertowels wet with cleaner than it was to actually clean. LOL i don’t mind! mmm smells orange-y fresh in here!

lizzie was pooped and had a tummy ache today! 😦 she enjoyed the kids- i caught lane and lizzie sharing a giggle a time or two, along with lilli and attie… we had a run in with gena- lizzie doesn’t play well and gena is tumbly! not a good combo! but they try!!! there’s hope! 🙂

we stood at the door to say good-bye and lizzie was said to see her cousins go- she was tired and cranky yet she wanted them to stay! too sweet! when they pulled off she made a noise that sounded like “HEY!”. she says “hhhhhhi” it’s very light and air-y, and momma when she’s crying to nurse- so maybe she really said “hey”- who knows!!!

this little lady just realized everyone was up but her! best get her back to bed! 🙂

sweet dreams!

ready for the weekend…

Posted: 03/14/2008 in life

this weekend is gonna be busy- not too busy, typical really, just different.

there is a 24 hour prayer vigil at church starting tonight to pray for the easter services and the people that come that they will come back frequently/weekly instead of just for funerals, easter, and cmas. eric is the prayer team leader and has contemplated staying there for the whole 24 hours! what dedication and love for prayer- i envy that in him!!!! i’ve got to go go go… you all know i can’t listen for 24 hours! i suppose i could talk for 24 hours though! he he

mary catherine is coming to my house tomorrow!!! it’s so fun when people come see me! i always feel so loved when they do- cuz it’s atleast an 1 hour drive- it just blows my mind that i’m worth that! 🙂 we are designing her wedding invites! the colors are dark brown/chocolate and red! mmm love it!! can’t wait to see what they look like! i’m so glad she is coming for the day since eric may be gone for so long! i think i’d go nuts!

my car is back in the shop today… i hope they get it fixed today and it doesnt have to go back. they got rust on my passenger seat last time- not sure how to get that off! *sigh* oh well! you get what you pay for! LOL (labor is cheap-$20 an hour)

its rainy and foggy this morning… atleast its not snowing!

waiting for daddy to come home from work…

just another day

Posted: 03/11/2008 in life

nothing too exciting happening down here in missouri…
it’s been so long since i’ve posted i just had to post something! 🙂
lizzie has been progressing of course… she’s been laying on her tummy more on the floor! that means her tummy is feeling MUCH better! yea!!! today i was making biscuits (yummy!) and she was playing with a wisk on the floor- LOVED it! i took pictures but it takes forever to load pictures on the internet since we still have dial up. speaking of…
i looked into highspeed internet todayand it looks like we have some positive options. i want to make sure and get the right highspeed that works with apple tv just in case someday i want that! 🙂 it sounds like an awesome idea. it’s a little box that plugs into my tv and you buy the tv shows and movies you want from itunes! what a great idea huh!!! you can watch the shows whenever you want too! love that idea!
mom and amanda also took some awesome pictures of lizzie the last time they were here on a visit. my goal for tomorrow is to bake cookies while those pictures are loading on the computer. lol i will probably finish the cookies before all the pics get loaded on facebook and this blog! pathetic, i know! i should load them while i’m at mom’s house! would save me a whole day of labor!
my car is back in the shop today! the switch that controls the blower speed for the ac/heat is shot! it only blows on the high speed… if any of you know a ford- it blows HARD. looks like the part is $18 but the people are trying to make us buy the whole radio and all controls- i hope they don’t! i would rather just spend $18! 😛
fussy lizzie- shes wanting to help me type! no thanks!!!!! so i’ll sigh off for now! i’ll keep you posted on my breadmaking skills this week- i’m going to try to make bread by myself for the first time! could be quite entertaining! lol