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just another day

Posted: 03/11/2008 in life

nothing too exciting happening down here in missouri…
it’s been so long since i’ve posted i just had to post something! 🙂
lizzie has been progressing of course… she’s been laying on her tummy more on the floor! that means her tummy is feeling MUCH better! yea!!! today i was making biscuits (yummy!) and she was playing with a wisk on the floor- LOVED it! i took pictures but it takes forever to load pictures on the internet since we still have dial up. speaking of…
i looked into highspeed internet todayand it looks like we have some positive options. i want to make sure and get the right highspeed that works with apple tv just in case someday i want that! 🙂 it sounds like an awesome idea. it’s a little box that plugs into my tv and you buy the tv shows and movies you want from itunes! what a great idea huh!!! you can watch the shows whenever you want too! love that idea!
mom and amanda also took some awesome pictures of lizzie the last time they were here on a visit. my goal for tomorrow is to bake cookies while those pictures are loading on the computer. lol i will probably finish the cookies before all the pics get loaded on facebook and this blog! pathetic, i know! i should load them while i’m at mom’s house! would save me a whole day of labor!
my car is back in the shop today! the switch that controls the blower speed for the ac/heat is shot! it only blows on the high speed… if any of you know a ford- it blows HARD. looks like the part is $18 but the people are trying to make us buy the whole radio and all controls- i hope they don’t! i would rather just spend $18! 😛
fussy lizzie- shes wanting to help me type! no thanks!!!!! so i’ll sigh off for now! i’ll keep you posted on my breadmaking skills this week- i’m going to try to make bread by myself for the first time! could be quite entertaining! lol