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ready for the weekend…

Posted: 03/14/2008 in life

this weekend is gonna be busy- not too busy, typical really, just different.

there is a 24 hour prayer vigil at church starting tonight to pray for the easter services and the people that come that they will come back frequently/weekly instead of just for funerals, easter, and cmas. eric is the prayer team leader and has contemplated staying there for the whole 24 hours! what dedication and love for prayer- i envy that in him!!!! i’ve got to go go go… you all know i can’t listen for 24 hours! i suppose i could talk for 24 hours though! he he

mary catherine is coming to my house tomorrow!!! it’s so fun when people come see me! i always feel so loved when they do- cuz it’s atleast an 1 hour drive- it just blows my mind that i’m worth that! 🙂 we are designing her wedding invites! the colors are dark brown/chocolate and red! mmm love it!! can’t wait to see what they look like! i’m so glad she is coming for the day since eric may be gone for so long! i think i’d go nuts!

my car is back in the shop today… i hope they get it fixed today and it doesnt have to go back. they got rust on my passenger seat last time- not sure how to get that off! *sigh* oh well! you get what you pay for! LOL (labor is cheap-$20 an hour)

its rainy and foggy this morning… atleast its not snowing!