Posted: 03/18/2008 in life

what a fun day! heather, ethan, lane, attie, lilli, gena, mom, and amanda came to see us! what fun! mom was out of meat so they came to spend the day and run to western’s (in green top, a near by town that sells yummy meat)… my house is SOOOO tiny and i am reminded of this when everyone is here! the kiddos don’t seem to mind too much.

lane and ethan are sooo good with lucy (our dog). lucy enjoyed them today too! i don’t think anyone has played with lucy (cept daddy) for weeks now! poor thing! i remember how clingy she was towards the end of the pregnancy- almost like she knew she would forever be neglected (by me) from then on! 😦 oh well! hopefully this spring we will get her trained to walk with us again and i can re-establish dominance and we can go on daily walks again!!

the girls (lilli and attie) had fun cleaning my house! thank you ladies!!! i don’t think i’ll have to dust for a couple weeks. i may need to buy some more cleaner. i think it was more fun to get the papertowels wet with cleaner than it was to actually clean. LOL i don’t mind! mmm smells orange-y fresh in here!

lizzie was pooped and had a tummy ache today! 😦 she enjoyed the kids- i caught lane and lizzie sharing a giggle a time or two, along with lilli and attie… we had a run in with gena- lizzie doesn’t play well and gena is tumbly! not a good combo! but they try!!! there’s hope! πŸ™‚

we stood at the door to say good-bye and lizzie was said to see her cousins go- she was tired and cranky yet she wanted them to stay! too sweet! when they pulled off she made a noise that sounded like “HEY!”. she says “hhhhhhi” it’s very light and air-y, and momma when she’s crying to nurse- so maybe she really said “hey”- who knows!!!

this little lady just realized everyone was up but her! best get her back to bed! πŸ™‚

sweet dreams!

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