6 months old

Posted: 03/21/2008 in life

my sweet lizzie faith is six months old today! i honestly don’t believe it! i heard about momnesia (mom-amnesia) a couple weeks ago and i thought to myself (actually i think i even said it outloud) THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!! what a relief to finally know… but on milestones such as these i feel like i can’t remember six months worth of memories- therefore i feel like i missed something, like i woke up and a year went by… such a weird feeling.

why is the weather always miserable on Easter! the past 5 years (are the years i can remember) were yucky- cold and rainy… this year i’m going to be comfortable! i’m always cold because i go with the trend of wearing spring clothing! well not this year peeps! i’m an independent women!!! now i just need to find something to wear- at least i’ve declared what i’m not wearing! check that off my list

ok so now about this picture! this was takin last sat. by mary catherine while we were designing mc’s wedding invites! (thank you for capturing this sweet moment, mc! i owe ya! 😉 ) this is a chocolate chip bag: perfect in weight, long crinkly handle ideal for girl’s approx 6 months of age. mmm mmm good! (no she’s not eating them just playin with the bag and chompin on a thumb!)
have a happy easter!!!

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