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Posted: 04/30/2008 in life

i can’t believe how sore i am from lucy making me fall and dragging me. lol how embarrassing!

after talking to the deputy last night it sounds like we have no idea when the problem with the dogs could be resolved. he said he’d keep us informed. wish he could have said by the end of the week or something! it’s so nice out today- i’ve been contemplating all morning about going on a walk.

eric got some rope and hardware to hang lizzie’s swing from the tree but was missing one part and it was supposed to come to the lumber yard today- so maybe we can swing tonight before it gets cold and dark. i sure hope she likes it. she doesn’t like the stroller at all! but who would! we have to push her in the street because we don’t have sidewalks everywhere here so it’s VERY bumpy. it would be scary! LOL can’t learn everything in a day!

i was hoping to go to osky tomorrow but i’m feel so rotten i’m thinking maybe friday or monday. bummer! i wanted to go tomorrow before h and b leave for canada! it’s so fun when they get back. the kids always have so much fun and have such stories to tell! too fun! what a blessing to have such close friends with kids close in age and with the same priorities and lifestyle- too bad they live in canada!! 🙂

update to previous post

Posted: 04/29/2008 in life

well the sheriff deputy came by our house last night needing a statement from us of what happened yesterday and the four previous times we have had negative encounters with these animals. he did talk to the owners and he gave them 24 hours to take care of the problem themselves which they refused. so the sheriff talked to the county prosecutor (or city, not sure) and they are pressing charges. they just need 2 statements from 2 different households. last night we knew of 3 and i’m sure more have been affected by these animals. so our case seems strong. later he said since they didn’t ‘take care of it’ then we will. so that says to me they are killin em or forcing them to have outdoor cages/fencing- something! right now they live inside with a liter of puppies, 3 rotts and a pit, and several sm children! when he said a liter of pups i realized this situation was only going to get worse! they don’t really have a back yard so i don’t see where they could put a fence up- so if the court orders that, maybe they will move. *sigh* the good part is, at least they are enforcing this. they have a reputation of not enforcing city/county ordinances and laws, etc. so i am impressed and relieved that they understand how severe this situation really has become!

i am so sore today from lucy knocking me down and dragging me! i hardly slept! i am not use to being in pain. i would rather the soreness after having a baby than this. this is my whole body but mostly my right side. my right face (cheek and eye) bones are sore- what hit the ground, and my right arm socket/shoulder is bruised and so very achy. not cool when you have a 14lb-er to hall around. 🙂 my legs and hips, but my right hip and leg are the worst. i feel like i was in a car crash. lol i don’t fall much- can’t remember the last time i have fallen and have never been pulled by a dog! lol brother! i think it would have looked hilarious! but the video camera was far from my mind at the time!

i really better scoot and get some laundry put away and lunch started while this munchkin is sleepin!

…is proud

Posted: 04/28/2008 in life

of my husband for fighting off a pit bull! i’m afraid we haven’t ‘made nice’ with our new neighbors. we’ve been having trouble with their four dogs (pit bull, rottweiler and thinking the other two are pit bull mixes) for almost a year now- since they moved in. today was the fourth time eric has had to go outside and ‘shoo’ them off of our dog. last week he shooed them off and went to the neighbors and gave them a warning, next time we are calling the cops. when i was 9 months pregnant i went outside to get lucy and the pit bull charged me. i was terrified! that didn’t even make me go into labor! lol at the time that part was very frustrating.

today while my husband is trapped by these dogs with our dog behind him (chained up of course, because we are responsible dog owners) and these two stupids in front of him 3 ft away ready to attack. i’m standing inside thinking now what. eric calls me (thanks to cell phones) and tells me to call 911 cuz they decided not to back down. i’m dialing thinking, ok-i have gauze, raw honey, etc. everything i should need for a major bite wound… i’m on the phone with 911 (very frustrated with the operator for having to tell her 3 times where i live and then acting like she can’t send anyone). after a few min i realize they aren’t coming! (we live 2 blocks from the station!) i run outside and get lucy and bring her into the garage hoping then the mean dogs would back down. praying eric can keep them in front of him (he did). lucy was running so hard towards the garage away from them she pulled me so hard i landed flat on my face and then she drug me! she was one scared pup! i raised a weeny!! lol better than the alternative!

the sheriff did come wearing black gloves- his only defense since he’s never in uniform. BROTHER! but thankfully the deputy and the sheriff went over the neighbors and got the dogs inside with a babysitter and tonight is going back when the adults are home and will take care of it they said. we will be following up because at this point it is NOT safe for lizzie and i to be outside. lucy is crying in the garage now- poor thing! i should go give her rescue 5!!!!!!!!!!


Posted: 04/28/2008 in life

i am so frustrated with ‘expectations’. instead of ranting and raving and making a fool of myself… i am going to try to bow out gracefully by just putting a few quotes on here!

“Life is so constructed that an event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.”
-Charlotte Bronte

“‘Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed’ was the ninth beatitude.” – Alexander Pope

“Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise.”- Alice Walker

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” -Dennis Wholly

what i am working on today: “To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves–there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.” -joan didion


Posted: 04/27/2008 in life

today has been a fun day- church was great! loved the songs this week! i have to admit that’s my favorite part these days. the sermon was very good and convicting- not a warm fuzzy feeling! eric and i have had fun today too! lizzie has been so fun lately! she really has matured in the last few days. *sigh* i think that’s what sparked the post right before this one…

even with all this fun and happiness, i just want to burst into tears and feel like i will at any moment… i’m so sad today! i won’t say anything else. i don’t expect you to know what i am talking about- it’s a very deep and personal journey that isn’t even my journey, so i won’t share. someday i will and at that point it will be a very joyous occasion with lots of pictures! oh i pray it is not far off!

a swollen heart

Posted: 04/27/2008 in life

this picture above just makes my heart swell. this was around thanksgiving- she was two months old. she was always ‘chattin’ and interacting with me. this picture just shows in a glimpse what our momma-daughter times are like, priceless and timeless. this makes me melt into a different realm. one where figuring out what to have for supper, dishes, laundry and diapers don’t exist. just my daughter and i. mmm i love that place!

my baby genius

Posted: 04/26/2008 in life

question: can most 7 month old babies do this? i’m new to this mom thing and am not sure. i don’t think my head will deflat at all regardless of your answer… i am so very proud of her! i love how she ‘cheats’. she’s just so excited to find that ball! eric hide the ball under a different color and she got it wrong (even though she found the ball 4 times before this!) and you could see on her face when she looked up at us, she was bummed, then looked down and tried another one, and missed again! her poor lil heart looked so bummed out. we told her we would keep practicing and she’d be a pro again in no time. lol what a silly lady.

she was talking in her sleep while she was napping earlier this morning! what a hoot that was! i kept going into the bedroom expecting her to be awake and she was totally a sleep so i’d come back out here and then i’d hear her again- so i would go check on her. lol