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its been over a week…

Posted: 04/02/2008 in life

…since blogging. i’ve missed it! i just haven’t had a time where i could just sit and type two-handed like a ‘normal’ person.

this week has been physically and emotionally challenging. i’m not sure i know how to blog about it and i don’t really feel the need/desire to share details- it’s just been one of those seasons that molds you into motherhood. ‘molds’ is a nice way of putting it, i feel like my wounds have been scraped… i must remember though- i am VERY blessed and this will be history soon and not near as hard as what a lot of other people have gone through! i am not alone and i thank God hourly for the people in my life who can help, lately even moment by moment… mommas and sisters are super! 😀

i’ve noticed some precious moments lately between eric and lizzie faith. moments where i wish i had my camera but yet even a camera can’t capture what i feel and what is happening. eric is an amazing father. very gentle and loving. these words don’t even begin to describe what i’m thinking and see when these two are together. she loves her daddy… she loooves sitting at the window waiting for him to come home, but even when he walks into the room she has eyes only for him… 🙂 very precious!

~waiting ever-so-patiently to crack my windows and feel the breeze~