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dress up

Posted: 04/14/2008 in life

mom and i were on he phone this a.m. and she reminded me of this bonnet that she had loaned to me. i remember a pic of amanda wearing it not sure if all of us girls wore it… but here’s the pics i got of lizzie in it. 🙂


Posted: 04/14/2008 in life

since we heard of cousin gena’s new trick- clappin, we thought we’d see if lizzie faith could learn the trick… she caught on by the end of the day. she does miss but she does get it most of the time. it doesn’t usually make any noise though! so maybe it’s not considered clapping. 🙂


Posted: 04/14/2008 in life

we LOVE our cloth diapers! here’s my lil helper helpin me fold em…!