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Posted: 04/16/2008 in life

check out my new shoes that i got for my birthday! thank you penny! i’ve been wearing them around the house all morning. i think i posted earlier about my problem. my left foot is a half inch bigger than my right. so frustrating! i realized this morning that’s why i always wear flipflops and clogs! so i was trying to figure out how to solve my problem. if i switch these out for 6 1/2 (these are size 7) then one foot is cramped and the other comfortable. so i was folding diapers and i thought- why not put a soaker in the toe of one. so i found this tiny soaker/wipe and folded it up and laid it across the toe inside the shoe and perfect! now they both fit the same. and it doesn’t irritate my toes at all- it just feels like the inside of my shoe since it’s fabric! YEA! i’m so thrilled! and i am feeling a bit relieved now that i know why it’s so hard to find shoes and why my left foot always hurts so bad!
now i want to go shoe shopping again! it won’t be near as stressful now!!!