Posted: 04/17/2008 in life

i have so many things heavy on my heart today- none i can share openly… 😦 one bad thing about having a public ‘diary’!

yesterday just seemed to be a day full of disappointments.

i remembered why i don’t ask for help much. i actually delegated some of my work this week (which is really hard for me to do since i’m a control freak) and am totally hot that it didn’t get done! this is why i just do everything myself or dictating to someone who has two free hands! GR!

it’s gloomy- that doesn’t help my negative feelings at all! it sounds like it may be gloomy for a few days so i best start getting over myself now, eh?! that alone makes me want to say GR!

on a happier note: tonight i am meeting with my sign language girls. i’m excited! every year for global day of prayer (this is our third year) we sign a song. leading up to performance, from picking out the song to every practice- it is always such a journey. full of challenges. i am wondering what lessons God has for me this year… last year two of us were very pregnant, this year we have babies, i’m very curious how well the practices will go. lol i’m bringing a babysitter with me- daddy… hopefully it goes well! so far i have had a fussy baby today- not a good start!! but i am excited to get this ball rolling since May 11th will be here SOON!

after spending 90% of the morning on the phone, i need to get some housework done and i think i need a nap, i’m done for now…

wishin we could see ‘the big picture’ now!


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