Posted: 04/18/2008 in life

today has been a productive day.

i got a shower today! 🙂 YEA! lizzie has decided she missed out on too much and she can’t spare not knowing what is going on behind that curtain… so showers have been short and incomplete most of the time. lol t.m.i.?

alrighty on to something else

mmm i made snickerdoodle cookies today. the last batch is baking in the oven now and it smells yummy and there is a yummy after taste in my mouth after ‘testing’ the batch for perfection.

tomorrow- i am excited! we are going to osky for the day. osky trips can sometimes be stressful if we try to go in the evening and only stay for an hour or so. we just can’t stay out past 8ish it seems like, some nights even 7:30pm. so this time with that in mind and hopefully a few lessons learned, we are going in the early afternoon and staying for supper. looks like we are gonna even have a professional photo shoot– be checkin for those photos on sunday or monday. i hope it goes well! sure can’t wait to see my nieces and nephews and of course the aunties, uncles, and gma and gpas! 🙂

lizzie has been napping good today!!! i love these kind of days!

well off to clean up the disastrous tornado that went through my living room leaving all kinds of different debris (but mostly toys!) a couple hours ago. it’s bad for just a 7 month old and her momma! lol but what fun!


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