no more spaghetti for me please

Posted: 04/19/2008 in life

so yesterday i felt fine until about 8:30pm… then i started taking some stuff to get rid of this nagging nausea feeling i just couldn’t knock… then around 11ish i started loosing everything i had to eat yesterday… so i’m done with spaghetti and anything that uses spaghetti sauce ie. lasgana. i have quite a list of foods i don’t eat anymore from events such as these!

so today we are recovery from hardly any sleep- neither of us do very well on 4 or less hours of sleep. lizzie is especially tired as well since she didn’t sleep much more than us.

i think this may be pointless in saying, but our FUN osky trip was canceled. 😦

eric said he wants to go to ottumwa next week so maybe we can go to osky next saturday!

lizzie did the cutest thing last night- ya know i think it was after midnight so i guess it was today. she was moving her mouth like a grown up talking and air was coming out of her mouth but she wasn’t using her voice. it was soooo cute! trying so hard to talk!

my goal for this coming week is videotape her and put it on here. hope i can figure it out! i’m sure it’s easy! 🙂

off to hopefully nap… my fingers are crossed so hard!


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