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Posted: 04/29/2008 in life

well the sheriff deputy came by our house last night needing a statement from us of what happened yesterday and the four previous times we have had negative encounters with these animals. he did talk to the owners and he gave them 24 hours to take care of the problem themselves which they refused. so the sheriff talked to the county prosecutor (or city, not sure) and they are pressing charges. they just need 2 statements from 2 different households. last night we knew of 3 and i’m sure more have been affected by these animals. so our case seems strong. later he said since they didn’t ‘take care of it’ then we will. so that says to me they are killin em or forcing them to have outdoor cages/fencing- something! right now they live inside with a liter of puppies, 3 rotts and a pit, and several sm children! when he said a liter of pups i realized this situation was only going to get worse! they don’t really have a back yard so i don’t see where they could put a fence up- so if the court orders that, maybe they will move. *sigh* the good part is, at least they are enforcing this. they have a reputation of not enforcing city/county ordinances and laws, etc. so i am impressed and relieved that they understand how severe this situation really has become!

i am so sore today from lucy knocking me down and dragging me! i hardly slept! i am not use to being in pain. i would rather the soreness after having a baby than this. this is my whole body but mostly my right side. my right face (cheek and eye) bones are sore- what hit the ground, and my right arm socket/shoulder is bruised and so very achy. not cool when you have a 14lb-er to hall around. πŸ™‚ my legs and hips, but my right hip and leg are the worst. i feel like i was in a car crash. lol i don’t fall much- can’t remember the last time i have fallen and have never been pulled by a dog! lol brother! i think it would have looked hilarious! but the video camera was far from my mind at the time!

i really better scoot and get some laundry put away and lunch started while this munchkin is sleepin!

  1. Amanda says:

    oh my it sounds like to much excitement for me. LOL Hope you get to feeling better 😦

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