Posted: 04/30/2008 in life

i can’t believe how sore i am from lucy making me fall and dragging me. lol how embarrassing!

after talking to the deputy last night it sounds like we have no idea when the problem with the dogs could be resolved. he said he’d keep us informed. wish he could have said by the end of the week or something! it’s so nice out today- i’ve been contemplating all morning about going on a walk.

eric got some rope and hardware to hang lizzie’s swing from the tree but was missing one part and it was supposed to come to the lumber yard today- so maybe we can swing tonight before it gets cold and dark. i sure hope she likes it. she doesn’t like the stroller at all! but who would! we have to push her in the street because we don’t have sidewalks everywhere here so it’s VERY bumpy. it would be scary! LOL can’t learn everything in a day!

i was hoping to go to osky tomorrow but i’m feel so rotten i’m thinking maybe friday or monday. bummer! i wanted to go tomorrow before h and b leave for canada! it’s so fun when they get back. the kids always have so much fun and have such stories to tell! too fun! what a blessing to have such close friends with kids close in age and with the same priorities and lifestyle- too bad they live in canada!! 🙂

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