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please excuse…

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…all the typos! i will try to find them and correct them but there are just so many! lol part of my personality i suppose… one typo that mom sent me this morning that just hit my funny bone. i laughed so hard! go ahead and do what it says, lmk what happens!

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try, try, try again

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well i sat down to blog while lizzie is napping and then the phone rang, which lead to a long convo with eric, with lead to needing to pay the bills, then balance the checkbook (which takes a while cuz i don’t do it very often), which lead to transfer money to and from savings accounts online (thankfully takes less time now that we have highspeed)… well now i’m tired and i can’t remember what i wanted to blog about! it seems like it will be one of those days where you try to do something and you fail, so you try again, and something happens, so once again you attempt one last time, let’s pray it gets done by this time! *sigh* i pray my saturday turns around! i have lots i need to do today and i will find myself very frustrated if simple tasks take hours to accomplish! hope your saturdays are going well! it’s a gorgeous sunny day here!

revvin dune buggy

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it wasn’t a motorcycle!!!! it is a dune buggy for a grandchild! he’s drivin it now! bright, shiney and cute!!! glad i never chewed em out, i would have felt bad… this kid is going to town (they just gave it to him) so i can’t get a good pic to show you- he isn’t holding still long. 🙂 i wouldn’t either!

i want one!!!!!

(if you are confused go to one of my pages at the top of this blog (next to “home”) and find the post about constant revving!)


got a pic finally! after 10 tries : )

well it’s thursday morning. and that means tow the car about 2 blocks to the garage for get a diagnosis and fixed, hopefully in just a few days needing only minor inexpensive parts. eric came into the bed room at 6:30 this morning and announced he needed me to drive the car onto to trailer because his dad wasn’t coming over to help and he didn’t think he could push the car up himself and have anthony drive. anthony needed to push with eric. so i get lizzie up, and dressed warm, i start getting dressed, all while saying “i wasn’t going to get involved!” over and over again! i hate this kind of stuff! monday was plenty for me! guys don’t communicate in these types of situations. something in their brain switches over to “get-her-done” mode and there’s no rationalizing or thinking about the best solution for the situation! that said, they are very good at what they do- it’s just no place for a bossy-talkative woman!!! then, we are all ready to go outside on this chilly morning, and i suddenly think and say, “call your uncle phil, i bet he has a tow rope!” and he did!!!!!!! praise the Lord! so lizzie and i got to watch from the porch! yea! i said i wasn’t gonna get involved and i meant it!!

so in love…

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…with wordpress. it uploads pictures and videos 10 times faster than blogspot!!! are you ready to switch yet?

lizzie’s new shoes

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aren’t they sweet!


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tonight we went to kville… and daddy needed new shoes… while daddy was shoe shopping, lizzie faith and i went shoe shopping… and we found shoes for daddy and lizzie… guess who’s feet are bigger! : )