Posted: 05/04/2008 in life

looks like we are going to be late for church. church starts in 10 min and i just got lizzie down for a nap about 5 min ago. the poor thing- her teeth hurt so bad last night, (i think) that we hardly slept. i’m so tired. eric got up with her around 6:30 or 7, i think so i could sleep. i slept until 7:30. what a blessing. i never knew a half hour of sleep could be a blessing. i think i slept about 2 hours! so i’m not waking her up! LOL

today will be a busy busy day. the first sunday of the month always is. it’s a gorgeous day outside today! lizzie and eric have a date planned already. they are meeting out by the front tree to swing on her new swing! what fun! i hope the weather stays nice all week.

i’m so bummed! my vacuum was supposed to be fixed and ready to go yesterday but it isn’t! he said tomorrow or tuesday so mom and amanda can bring it later this week but my house needs vacuumed so bad!!!! amanda offered her vacuum but at this point i miswell just wait! i am charging the dust buster and preparing to go on my hands and knees this afternoon and tend to the “bad areas”. the shower is next on my list! i get so grumpy living in a dirty house!!!!!

i do miss cable. there’s some stuff real estate sales pitch on our one channel this morning. brother! you can tell they are reading from prompters. LOL it really is funny to watch but after a while i just get super annoyed!!


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