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yes, no, maybe so

Posted: 05/06/2008 in life

lizzie has been so funny this morning, nodding her head yes. last night she was saying ‘no no no’ constantly. of course when i get the camera out she gets camera shy, but i’ll post my attempt anyway. little stink.

last night i was trying to get her to sleep and she wanted to sit up, so i let her sit up and i said ‘you’re not ready to go night night’ and she shook her head ‘no no no’ and so eric and i kept asking her questions and she kept saying, ‘no no no’ by shaking her head. LOL too cute!

in the video: right at first she nodds. don’t miss it! then when i ask her if she can say no no no, she nodds. LOL then my card got full and shut us off- but she said no no no right after it died! gr!