weekends events

Posted: 05/09/2008 in life

well it’s here already and i’m not ready!

i feel pretty good for friday morning and having most everything of my work stuff done that needs done by sunday. shwoo! much better than last week with lots less stress! thank you!!!

every global day of prayer (for several years now) we sign a song at church. this sunday is global day of prayer! yea! and we aren’t ready! i think, i dunno cuz i’m obviously not in their heads, that jenn and lynne couldn’t be more ready. and jenn just stepping in last minute appears more ready than me! i feel like mentally i just haven’t been there! practices have been rough for me. i haven’t been able to focus like i like to. i dunno- i’m just not ready. tomorrow, jenn, lynne and i will be meeting at church to figure out timing, placement, and practice practice practice. i hope i can focus and lizzie faith is super content with daddy. i was hoping it would be nice out so they could walk around outside. she’s so thrilled with that right now. but according to weather.com it’s gonna be raining. *sigh* not to mention, church is lizzie fussiest time of the week. i dunno why. she fusses the whole time! partly because she likes to nap around 10:45- we’ll be signing at 11:00ish, needless to say she naps with mommy. so i hate the thought of my girl screaming during the whole song. the song won’t feel worth it to me. that’s my #1 job, ya know! so my heart is heavy!

eric’s uncle and aunt will be on there way here in a few hours to stay for the weekend so that will be fun. denny and penny just bought some land here in town to hopefully build a new house on soon! yea!!! they are planning a garage sale at betty’s tomorrow. if you know how these garage sales are- it’s a big family holiday! : ) almost like christmas!!! lol

anyway! i best hit the shower while i have a min to myself. : )

wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a happy mother’s day to all the mommas and soon to be mommas (you’re mommas too!)!!!


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