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signing: one of my loves

Posted: 05/11/2008 in life

today we are performing the song “and my lifesong sings”. it’s one of the songs on my play lists on this blog. i love it! usually by this point, after all the practicing and listening to it, i’m tired of the song, but this song is different. you can’t tire of it.

signing: something i love. something i used to feel very confident in. now i feel inept. an amateur. it’s very depressing to me when i think about it. it’s something that makes me so nervous now. i long for the confidence i felt before. before lizzie, before i married, before i stopped signing everyday.

but i am excited. i no longer have black pants and a black top that match. as an interpreter i always made sure i had a ‘set’ that matched. i don’t like when the blacks are two different shades of black, worn, very worn, worn out. lol so i feel silly in what i’m wearing today too. what a boost of confidence, eh!

i’m sure it will be great! i just long for the feeling i used to have when signing. i should have practiced more! *sigh*