signing: one of my loves

Posted: 05/11/2008 in life

today we are performing the song “and my lifesong sings”. it’s one of the songs on my play lists on this blog. i love it! usually by this point, after all the practicing and listening to it, i’m tired of the song, but this song is different. you can’t tire of it.

signing: something i love. something i used to feel very confident in. now i feel inept. an amateur. it’s very depressing to me when i think about it. it’s something that makes me so nervous now. i long for the confidence i felt before. before lizzie, before i married, before i stopped signing everyday.

but i am excited. i no longer have black pants and a black top that match. as an interpreter i always made sure i had a ‘set’ that matched. i don’t like when the blacks are two different shades of black, worn, very worn, worn out. lol so i feel silly in what i’m wearing today too. what a boost of confidence, eh!

i’m sure it will be great! i just long for the feeling i used to have when signing. i should have practiced more! *sigh*

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are in such a better place feeling hopelessly and helplessly dependent on God. He gets ALL the glory and it makes the signing so much more powerful. It was soooo awesome today to see God show-off!!!!

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