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Posted: 05/12/2008 in life

i feel very blessed. as lizzie grows she needs new things. i feel so thankful that we are able to provide for her even for things like a highchair. : ) it’s her new favorite thing. she isn’t usually very open to change but when we were in the store and set her in the chair we asked her if she liked it and she responded with a huge smile and a series of nods. (see previous video, something like that. lol)

i have soooo much done on my week’s to do list and it’s only monday. i am usually just finishing some of this stuff up on wednesday! yea!!! what a great start, huh!!! this is thanks to the new highchair and a great husband who gave me a big push start yesterday!!!!!!!!

uh huh

Posted: 05/12/2008 in life

we’re in love! can you tell? eric’s videotaping and i’m just watching and talkin. i think i should talk LESS when recording! geeeesh!