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no posts since monday!?

Posted: 05/16/2008 in life

seriously has it been since monday since i’ve posted?! no way!

this week has been sooo busy! i seriously thought, surely i blogged just the day before last.

i’ve been really busy with work (church secretary stuff). this week i’ve worked 35 hours! thats alot for a momma who devotes herself to her baby’s needs 24/7! i usually do type this one handed while nursing but when you’ve done that many times already it’s hard to want to blog that way… pour lizzie, if i even walk in the direction of the computer she starts wailing!

we made it outside a couple times yesterday and today. the guys have been working a block from here pouring concrete at the bank. yesterday we walked down and saw them. today we went down and watched the concrete truck! she thought it was great until it started mixing super fast. it was loud and scary! we also ran out of ink for our printer so we’ve had to run back and forth from church a couple times today printing documents. we got a long walk in doing that too. too bad lizzie doesn’t like her stroller! oh well! i got a work out (she’s heavy! she is dicieving you by how petitte she looks!) and the stroller is super for hauling… : )

i have some deep stuff i want to blog about but that will have to wait for two hands and another day/post.

have a super friday evening with your hubbies and families!