Posted: 05/19/2008 in life

what a beautiful day! the windows are open (in half the house anyway, will explain later) and my hubby is out grilling. yummy! i’m hungry! we are having bbq ribs (beef of course) and tators. MMM now if i had only made homemade rolls today!

i’m sooo frustrated! i want to move to the country! our neighbors are selling their motorcycle (they are approx 60-70 yrs old) and for some reason he decides he needs to rev his engine 4 times a day (and it’s only 5pm). oh my goooooooodness! and ironically (no fault to him) it’s when my daughter needs to nap. and of course our bedroom is literally yards away from where the motorcycle is being revved. needless to say she has hardly slept today! last night they were doing this too. my poor hubby has been given the death stare tonight… “if they rev for more than 60 secs then you better be over there giving them an ear full!” (which isn’t like him at all, but i will make him! man i like parentheses tonight lol) i can do 60 secs of revving a few times a day. but we are talking 10 min minimum and then going for a ride around the block and then back to revving for 5 min or so, take a two-three hour break and start over! Inbetween revving she starts weed-eating and of course starts on the side of their shop that is 5 footsteps away from lizzie’s bedroom window (which is closed of course)… i’ve had it! i have work to do! not to mention house work but i have a part time secretary position i’m filling in for and i just don’t have ANY spare time to be dealing with stupid neighbors. (i pray they don’t read my blog!)

ok so back to how gorgeous of a day this is… we moved the table so now it is against the wall and when i sit and type i look outside to our backyard and lucy… i really like it! it makes me feel less on the computer all day working and more like i’m outside enjoying a beautiful day! lizzie loves sitting in her highchair pulled up to the table yellin out the window at her fav pal lucy! i should get it on video!

alrighty– enough blabbing for now…

oh one more thing! i’m soooo very happy my sister, hubby and there lil people are home from canada safely! YEA! what a blessing they are to us! they were deeply missed!!

  1. Chelsea says:

    first you deal with pitbulls and now what sounds like morons revving their engine.. any point of that?? At least you are RENTING! 😛 Any other houses for rent/sale near you? lol Someday i hope to live in a house with no neighbors.. Thats what i loved about my dads house out in the country..

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