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it’s time to say goodbye…

Posted: 05/20/2008 in life

…to shag carpet forever!

i just wrote our bills/income/extra income down on paper. it balanced out quite nicely. so my gut feeling says, it really could be ok to start looking at land, get a loan, get a floor plan, an estimate, etc.

i go back and forth, you know this my dear family and friends- that we totally understand how much sacrificing goes into building your own home- yourselves so we are very hesitant knowing we want the out come but not all the crap that goes with it. the strain on our marriage, family, etc. but my sisters and momma have made it through years of remodeling (i mean hard core construction remodeling! not to mention my in-laws have also built their own house) and building their own home themselves, than at least we have people with tons of experience so now I say “bring it on!”. now if i could just get eric motivated! the poor guy is beat. they are laying concrete again today! hard work! guess some one’s gonna need a massage tonight and it ain’t me- shucks! : )

but just yesterday this all felt so out of reach… i wanted to buy a new computer and a van BUT i am totally fine not having those two things YET if there is building or land in sight/site (he he he).

but now i’ll be fine with my car if we get the windows tinted so the baby can ride without a tent of blankets around her… and i’ll hang a dvd player from the headrest… compromise *sigh* what fun!