gloomy day

Posted: 05/22/2008 in life

i wonder if the farmers will ever get to start farming? i’m sure they will, maybe they have already started, either way i’m sure they are frustrated! i know the feeling- never able to get anything done, etc. i have a better reason than rain though! : )

even though it’s gloomy and these kind of days equal unproductive days in my journey, today is on the contrary. we’ve made cookies, worked for a couple hours (touch-ups on the bulletin, life changes page, calendar etc.) brought daddy his cellphone and wallet (good thing he remembered pants cuz he kinda forgot everything else! he he he) and hoping, when lizziebeth wakes up we will head up to church and start copying away! i pray she plays good. we normally set up a lil play station for her while we work and she is usually extra content when eric and i are both there, but not so content when it’s just me. i dunno what it is! oh well! somethings just aren’t analyze-able… he he he!

i think i’m about ready! we’re having company over for supper tomorrow night. hopefully it’s not raining tomorrow and eric can grill in the sunshine. it’s uncle anthony’s birthday tomorrow. i think he’ll be 22! i need to put some laundry away (3 loads, yikes! i let it get bad!) and clean the kitchen floor. i keep stepping on a sticky spot!! yuck!!! and then i will declare ready!

hope ya’ll are having a good day!


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