my silly lizzie

Posted: 05/23/2008 in life

today was a fun day! lizzie and spent the day slowly getting ready for tonight… just tidying up some and rearranging. i always use this time (when company is coming over) to see what i would like reorganized or done, when usually i wouldn’t make time to do it. today we rearranged lizzie’s toys and books. i love what we did and she does too! i’m afraid she’s from “perfect country” and loves sorting and when stuff is clean. you can totally tell! she’s a hoot! when something is different in a room, like i got something out while she was napping and she woke up before i got it put back away, she notices upon entering that room and stares at it for a good 30 secs. amazing! she pays attention to everything! this is going to drive me nuts very soon!!!! on top of that she has her daddy’s grudge against change! yikes!!! scary combo!

  1. Pam S. says:

    this is so cool that you notice this stuff…
    I don’t remember things like this at all about you and your sisters! boo!

  2. Miss Jenn says:

    funny lizzie…just remember that even though she notices change, babies are very adaptable! better teach her now, so she doesn’t carry eric’s trait into adulthood! 🙂

  3. breanna says:

    oh i didn’t mean this to be negative!! i love learning these traits!!! even the “hating changing” that eric struggles with isn’t bad, who loves being pushd to their limit and outside of there comfort zone! sorry, should have worded it differently!! : )

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