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not my journey

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i haven’t said anything much about it, not because i don’t think about it, cuz i do several times a day… it’s just not my story to tell, but i’m excited today so i’m going to share a tid bit. my sister got an update on their adoption and it’s a positive one so we are excited!!! : ) i won’t keep tight lips forever! but today i decided to let a tad slip out…

PRAISE THE LORD!! (for the good news, not my tight lips 😉 )

puddin cup

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 yummy! lizzie faith and i just finished making homemade, from scratch (no boxes allowed) pudding!!! it’s “settling” now… so while my mouth is watering i thought i’d post about it and make ya’ll wish you were my neighbors! : )

you can find his link to the right of this post “what your marriage needs” (you may need to scroll down some)

all marriages are “fine” but it can always be better!! you may think, i don’t need help, we are hashing stuff out just fine on our own… ok watch the dvd’s, read the book, do the flap page, and then tell me that! he he he we think we are doing fine on our own just cuz we don’t know any better! well now that you have read this post you are responsible for knowing better and you best do something about it! you are now being held accountable! 😀 your mate will thank you!!!

even if you have the best marriage on the block, in your opinion, why not check this out and make it even better! all for the glory of God, right?! your marriage can glorify him even more with these tools!!

we are in the middle of watching the dvd sets and i’m hoping to do our flap pages this week or next! i’m so excited about that! you can read all about what i’m talking about on the website!

have fun! let me know how it goes!! it’s hilarious and it’s fun to share it with others and talk about it!!


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has been a busy day! i started off feeling super lazy but kept on chuggin! lizzie and i got lots done even though it started off slow. we played around a lot on the computer and she was super patient with me while i messed with my blog! then we thought we better get cleaned up and dive into work! we did just that and i got lots done while she napped, thanks again lizzie faith!

i’m feeling pretty good about this week so far but thursday hasn’t hit. that’s usually when i realize i wasn’t ahead at all for the week! it was all mental and everything needs done by 5pm so i can start copying it so it is finished for my one volunteer to stuff bulletins on friday mornings! but the bulletin is becoming one of the smaller tasks! : ) i can’t wait til we don’t need a bulletin at all! complaining about using too much paper- that would save TONS! not to mention all the ink and toner! shwoo!

hopefully tomorrow i will be able to get the camera out and take some cute snapshots! or even a video! something! it’s been too long! i also have a few things “brewing” in my mind that i want to talk about, on a more serious note. maybe tomorrow i can actually type my thoughts! i’ve wanted to for weeks!!

a quote i saw today and liked

“to pray is to change, prayer is the central avenue God uses to transofrm us. if we are unwilling to change, we will abandon prayer as a noticeable characteristic of our lives. the closer we come to the heart beat of God, the more we see our need, and the more we desire to be conformed to Christ…” -richard foster

are you praying?


even if…

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… you don’t have a blog, still let me know who you are! i have a lot a hits a day and somedays i wonder if i should move it to private and i may do that if i can’t figure out who all of you are! lol so please do let me know! i’d rather not move it to private so then ya’ll don’t have to sign in all the time to read it! not fun! i hate signing in for everything!