revvin dune buggy

Posted: 05/29/2008 in Uncategorized

it wasn’t a motorcycle!!!! it is a dune buggy for a grandchild! he’s drivin it now! bright, shiney and cute!!! glad i never chewed em out, i would have felt bad… this kid is going to town (they just gave it to him) so i can’t get a good pic to show you- he isn’t holding still long. 🙂 i wouldn’t either!

i want one!!!!!

(if you are confused go to one of my pages at the top of this blog (next to “home”) and find the post about constant revving!)


got a pic finally! after 10 tries : )

  1. popmc613 says:

    wow….that’s what all the noise was about…but how fun!

  2. Heather says:


  3. Amanda says:

    that looks like fun. I don’t think I will show Tim or he might get some ideas!!!

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