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it’s a gloomy cool day here and a divine moment for a coffee. so while i wait for my espresso row to brew i thought i’d catch you up on a few things.

sounds like i’ll be the secretary for a bit longer. i’m still a bit confused but that’s ok! i will still cheerfully do the best i can in all i am doing right now. i am grateful for the extra income and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges. it feels more like a 40-50 hour a week job instead of a 25 hour a week. lol but isn’t that the way it goes when volunteering and being a paid staff member. before i actually got paid i was working 10-15 hours a week, so i guess it’s the same as before. : ) i hope i can do it for a few more months atleast. lizzie likes the afternoon walks up to church too!

she’s been so clingy lately! i wonder what the deal is! it seems like we went through a stage where she was very content with eric and i could be out of sight for a half hour or more without a fuss. and now 10 min is our max! it can be draining but yet at the same time rewarding! i love that i’m her fav person, but a break is very healthy! and daddy needs that lizzie time! this will be the last thing on my mind when she is 16 and i’m wondering where the time went! and besides- who needs a shower anyway! lol jk

well mmm it smells like my coffee is ready to turn into a yummy iced vanilla hazelnut latte. yum yum!


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today was a rough one starting out. but slowly got better.

lizzie and i just came in from outside for a nap (her not me, but i’d love one). i started knitting a prayer wrap and she just sat/laid/scooted on the ground half on the blanket and half off having a wonderful time! i love that she loves lounging outside with me!! i hate smelling like outside the rest of the day, but it’s hardly worth complaining about.

i’m growing anxious and excited. the 9th i’m ditchin town! : ) going 20 min north to a b&b with some dear friends and we are going to enjoy a beth moore conference on dvd in a b&b room lounging in the softest-puffiest 100% cotton robes you’ve ever seen! mmmm i can’t wait! i’m in charge of food! i still haven’t decided on what to bring. i am praying lizzie sleeps well in a “new” place. the only over-night we spend away from home was at my parents and she slept better there than home. i’m hoping for the same experience. eric is going to have a “guys night” while i’m gone and i’m sure is looking forward to having the WHOLE bed to himself! it’s been a very long time since he’s been able to sleep his favorite way! sprawled out! : )

before that though, next thursday we are headed to osky! i’m excited- i’m sure i’ll blog about it after it all happens. : ) it will be a fun, little longer trip than usual. we are going to stay the night thursday night, with gma pammy, i think, and stay the day friday. i believe we are celebrating my two brother-in-law’s bdays while some extended fam is in town… it will be fun, but truly i’m more excited about thursday evenings events- more after it happens. : )

well i’m gonna scoot for now. i hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous weather after days of rain and storm as much as we did today.

it’s been awhile

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i know it’s been since monday, i think. this week has been very busy, but still under normal circumstances i would  still made time to blog. this week has been especially hard in a lot of areas. some are appropriate to talk about on here and others not. so even though i only mention a few things, know that’s not the whole of it and it really has been a hard week.

the good news- we got my car back on wednesday! i’m glad i didn’t have to write the check. it would have been really hard for me to spend all that money and it feels like on nothing because i didn’t see anything! but the tires are shredded on my car. you can see the threads. *sigh* pretty sure i was pregnant when we bought another set of NEW 100,000 mile (getting less than 20,000 out of them for the second time) tires. so after much frustration we decided to call spilmans for tires, and they got us 4 tires with 3/4 tread still on them for $15 a piece. LOL i don’t know tires, but that feels like a royal steal since a set is costing us $60 and new a set was $330. so monday my car goes back in the shop for new tires, an alignment and balance. i’m so tired of spending money on it, but eric is even more tired. it’s really difficult to have any motivation to work when it’s going out faster than it’s coming in, in large amounts! and calling people to get everything lined up is frustrating too!

my cell has gone south! the speaker is broke. saturday it was so bad i couldn’t make any calls or receive any calls. but now for some reason it works the majority of the time. but sometimes when i try to call out (1 out of 3 tries) it counts like the convo has started but i can’t hear anything, but they can hear me! very frustrating! so maybe now that we feel better about the tires not costing $500 dollars after balance, etc. we can buy me a new phone! i’m still extremely sad though- no computer in sight for me. i want a house and land! i pick those things! savings is more important right now! maybe after the church hires a full time/permanent secretary, we will buy a computer. but i feel like i don’t know how long i will be getting a pay check so i don’t want to spend the money unless we have met our savings goal while i am working- make sense?!

well lizzie has been changing so much lately. she’s a chub at close to 17lbs! LOL i know, skinny ol’ lizzie ain’t so skinny anymore!! my arms hurt! but what a blessing!!!!!! 

she likes to pull herself up onto you and anything else at ‘lizzie height’.

she likes to hold on to two of my thumbs, but only until she gets balanced and then she holds onto 1 thumb while taking 10-15 steps.

she rolls clear across the living room from one end to the other.

she scoots backwards for an eternity it seems like.

she scoots in a full circle.

she can maneuver about in about a 2 square yard by herself.

i can get her giggling uncontrollable for no reason by just starting to laugh  myself. lol i love it!

she has decided that the car seat isn’t from you-know-where as long as she has a napkin to shredd and a book to read and her fav cd playing. 

she can hold the sippy herself to drink out of while laying down but not sitting up. it was laying next to her and she rolled over, got the cup, rolled back and when eric and i looked down she was drinking it. i wonder what else she knows how to do but not doing.

she signs, more, all-done, and nursey.


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ok seriously! i need you guys’ help! yep, you, reading this blog, even you must comment if you have an idea!

for a couple years how another gal and i have been passionate about starting a prayer ministry team at our church. we’ve both done it (as well as a few other gals in the church) ourselves but we felt we wanted to tap into the power of a group. so we are getting everything in order to “launch” this group/ministry.

i want the coolest name on the block! not “too” young and hip and not too old! i really want to call them “wraps” instead of “shawls”. shawls dates the whole thing before i even get a chance!

what do you do? come up with a clever name for our group! i know you all are super creative and even if you think your idea is silly- pleeeeeease post anyway, it might spin off to the perfet thing!

key words:












anti blogging

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i’m sorry i harassed ya’ll and then quick blogging. i just wasn’t in the mood. i was in the mood to read just not write. i hate that feeling!

it was a fun eventful weekend!! saturday we met, auntie heather, gma pammy, ethan, lane, attie, lilli, and gena in ottumwa! i brought my camera to take pictures and left it in the wrong bag in the car which eric took with him! it was so much fun! we went shopping and to the park and then were so pooped we had to head home! : ) i had a blast and am so glad they could all meet us! we missed auntie amanda!!! she is in california with her hubby on vacation! so excited for them and can’t wait for pictures when they return!!

sunday was busy as usual! we had church, of course. lizzie slept through the majority of the church service! that was soo nice! although my arms were feeling it! (speaking of arms: she is currently sleeping and pushing 2 hours a sleep! i don’t think my arms can handle another growth spurt!!! but i think all my prayers of her gaining weight are catching up to me! lol) also a good ol’ friend of my j was at church from topeka! she’s in town visiting family! i hope i get to spend some time with her and her two daughters this week!!!

after church we had a bbq at s and s’s for the worship leaders. it was touch and go for a bit but hopefully the meeting was successful and progress was made.

we came home for a nap and to clean up the house since all weekend we’d dump our crap, eat, make a mess, and leave. so you can imagine what our house looked like. and then we headed back out to church for an evening class on how to get connected in our church. lol for those of you know all the details of our lives, you know we are FULLY connected! lol but we wanted to take all the classes so we could recommend them and encourage others to attend! this is me, attempting to not be a hypocrite. lol that’s funny isn’t it! i’m doing the best i can though!!!

lizzie slept so good last night! i don’t remember a thing, so maybe i slept so good! LOL who knows!

well happy monday to ya’ll! i hope you are making the most of every day and moment!!


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my sister amanda blogged this quote,

“waiting is  the hardest work of hope”

i just wanted to share that… : ) i thought it was neat!

proud momma

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i’m so proud of lizzie! she’s been wanting to go from sitting to standing by just gripping onto my thumbs and then she pulls herself up. today she was fussin and i was working and needed to continue but decided to just stop and play for a min and hopefully i could get my stuff accomplished. so i wasn’t really focused on playing. but she was pulling herself up by my thumbs etc and i was standing up bent over and all of a sudden she took 4 solid steps towards me to pick her up! i barely caught it and hardly comprehended what just happened! that’s the first time she’s ever moved her feet while standing! she acted without hesitance. i think it was almost an accident! lol but she was very pleased with herself! she’s napping now, but i want to see if she’ll do it again or if it truly was an accident! mmm she watched gena walk last week- wonder if she picked it up, kinda… we’ll find out! if she does it again i’ll try to get it on tape. the look on her face is what is so priceless!!