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monday’s here!

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i’m not near as excited as the title implies! but it’s here none-the-less and it’s time to start everything all over again. you might say, what in the world is she talking about, she’s a stay-at-home-mom with the same schedule everyday- not just monday thru friday. but thats just not true! : ) here’s my list of to-dos for today, mail absentee bulletins, start preliminary updating of bulletin and life changes page, type board min/elder’s meeting agendas, type article for elders, mail out-of-town first time guests letter (first catch steve and have him sign it), retype first time guest letter, proof it, have steve sign it, and mail it. *sigh* alrighty- that’s what “monday” means to me. oh yeah and i best at least attempt to get these four loads of laundry out of the basket/dryer folded and put away or i will pull my hair out (i will more than likely post a picture later of me, bald because i can’t get all this done in a day!!)

so with all that said! i better stop blogging and get to work! i just had to give you guys something to read today! ; )

happy monday, ya’ll!