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lizzie faith has really amazed me the past few days. let’s start with today.

today she decided sippy cups are ok and can get the liquid to come out of the cup even with the stopper in and seems to prefer it with the stopper in, vs me tipping it and pulling the mouth part out of her mouth. i tried, for the first time last night (or the night before, can’t remember) to get her to drink from it and she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. this is huge progress! and quick! i didn’t expect that! not near ready to be done nursing yet… she’s just learning and exploring new things! : )

she decided her stroller is acceptable for a time. (2-3 blocks) and then she wants one of us. but that is huge! she wouldn’t even sit in it before and now she will sit for a half hour (anyway she did today). so if you see us holding lizzie, pushing the stroller on a walk- you will know we are still in the process of conviencing her the stroller is COOL!

she decided the outdoor swing can be fun! she swung (i barely tapped her) for 10 min or so!!! this is after weeks of attempts (later to find out i was trying to teach her to swing a tad early! oops! first time momma’s, gotta teach em everything!) last monday she watched her cousins swing and how much fun they were having- that may have helped in this new calmness with her swing…

today we ran to steve and sheila’s to drop some work stuff off (no one is working in the church office’s this week due to carpet installation) and they have a cat named spike! lizzie looooooooves spike. today when she was on the floor with him, she put one knee under her/to her side like she was gonna take off, but didn’t! but she is learning a tad more everyday how to get her legs to move! i’m not anxious anymore for her to crawl, just exciting to see her change and move in new ways.

tonight i was reading her a story before bed. her favorite books are on the little yellow dog “biscuit”- i think she thinks spike is biscuit. spike is a big yellow fluff ball! it blows my mind how much she likes him and isn’t intimidated by him at all. lizzie and spike are seriously the same size! 🙂 very cute! i will try and remember to bring my camera next time to make a video!!! spike is a very nervous cat. when people come over he hides in the basement. this was our second time over to their house this year and spike remembered us and didn’t hide at all! i honestly think he remembered lizzie. he didn’t “hang out” with us adults last time we were there, just lizzie… : ) too cute! i guess i need to bring my camera everywhere you go! never know what will happen!!!