busy bees

Posted: 06/05/2008 in Uncategorized

today we were so busy! it was a typical wednesday i suppose… we went grocery shopping today. it was long and uneventful. lizzie took a good nap in the sling while we shopped at walmart. before and after that nap she was waving at everyone and everything. it’s so cute! the cashiers are her pals! when daddy was loading the car with groceries, each bag was welcomed into the car with a wave. lol it was so funny! i need to clean off my camera card so i can take more video. i’ll get some of her waving. maybe i can remember to get the camera out friday when we have company over. : ) there will be lots to wave at then! oh one more funny, since this is also my personal journal right now, when you are unlocking a door or just about to open a door she starts waving and frantically waves when you get the door up. too fun!

nothing else too exciting is going on here. it’s gonna be a busy few days! we have the whole church basement to move back in and the office will need sorted and everything found. *sigh* i pray there will be lots of helpers. when the guys were moving everything out, there were only a few guys helping. that is horribly sad for a church of 200 people! it’s so embarrassing!!! i guess when you try every thing in your power to motivate and they still aren’t motivated except with what they “feel” is worthy of their time and effort, then it’s worthless and it’s time to start working on someone else and just leave them in the dust. and in the dust they will be left!!

oh we got a tid bit more info from the mechanic. he found two transmissions, one for $300, and one for $500. eric is gonna talk to him tomorrow and decide which one and such. maybe we will get our car by early next week! just in time for eric’s to go in the shop for brakes and an oil change. *sigh* as long as there is more $ coming in than going out i can’t complain, right?!

i do feel very blessed and am a very joyful person! sometimes i just need to have a lil fit and then i’m ok!

  1. Jenn says:

    It was a nice day Sunday & our church is full of farmers who have to get in the field so that explains why many of them weren’t there to help move things…

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