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poopy start

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literally! he he he i got pooped on in the shower today. i guess this will be the one and only time i am grateful for “solid” food poop instead of nursing baby poopy. lol about 5 min later i got peed on. i think i was cleaner before going in the shower this morning. no worries we were clean when we got out… but it was touch and go for a bit. lol

mom’s coming today and it’s nice outside instead of stormy like i expected. why is that the weather determines our mood or alters our mood so much. i wish it didn’t- either that or i wish we didn’t complain about it. does anyone else get sick of “small talking” about the weather? i do! and i do it all the time! it’s the first thing that comes to mind. immediately after the convo ends, i’m like, “i’m so sick of talking about the weather! why did i bring it up??!”