what a mess!

Posted: 06/07/2008 in Uncategorized

well i left church tonight to put a tired babe to bed with a mess of an office! but the rest of the basement looked great!! thanks to many many hard workers! i don’t think you all realize how much of a help you were tonight! what a big job and your sacrafice is sooo appreciated!!!

tomorrow eric and i will be spending the day getting my office area organized and eric will be replacing the waterlines leading to the three toilets and resetting the toilets. this is when i am grateful for the youth building across the alley so we can go run over and go to the bathroom instead of driving a whole three blocks home to pee. : ) we are spoiled, aren’t we!!

lizzie had a late nap- so she went to sleep late but we had some fun “rollin over” time. she loves just rollin around on the floor and seeing where she ends up! silly goof! i’ve got to figure how out to get video on this blog so i can show you! i just don’t have any extra time to mess- sorry!

we had a fun visit today during the day from gma pammy… these days make me wish there were fewer miles between us… and tonight gma penny was working at church so we got to play with her and learn how to make fishy kisses and we even got a ride home from her so daddy could keep working! once again- we are blessed by helpers you don’t realize how much they do! : )

off to bed and hopefully some cuddle time with my hub… have a happy weekend! (lol that sounds like that commercial “have a happy period”- sorry boys!)


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