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my new fav thing

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ok i liked youtube before! but now i really like youtubin’! someone showed me this cool video converting website for free. (find the link if you scroll down on the right hand side of my page) this converts all your videos from a fvl or something like that to an mpg or whatever you want! usually it’s within a few min but it can be upto a few days… i love it! this is what i need to get my home videos uploaded on this website… but in all this excitement i’ve been searching for videoclips to use during our church services and i’ve found sooo many cool ones!

here are a few of my favs so far! (i absolutely looooove this song!) (in my last post i was talking about not being pushy… well here’s the other extreme! i tend to be one or the other! where is the middle? i know it exists!!! gr!) (here’s the middle i’m searching for in my own personal life)


eric and i spent some time last night getting the house cleaned and dishes done, etc. so this morning when i woke up it was clean and everything in it’s place. that’s so motivating to me! i got strawberries bagged for freezing and dough out to thaw for rolls for supper, and supper in the crockpot for tonight all done by 9:30 this morning. i looooove these kind of mornings.

i am so ahead on work too! which is so good cuz we have lots of “extras” this week! i actually want to go into church to work now that everything is rearranged the way i want it and it looks so clean and put away. it was soooo cluttered before! not a friendly working environment for someone who is more left brained than right. : ) and more of a perfectionist than not! and lizzie has the cutest spot to sit and play while i work. maybe today i’ll get some pictures deleted off my camera card and take some pictures! : ) that’d be fun! i don’t think i’ve posted pictures in a loooong time! i need a video of this little squirt movin all around too!

last night she learned how to roll over both ways instead of just one way and now can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy. i didn’t encourage her before now to roll all around and i’m glad i didn’t. now is the perfect time. : ) my sister keeps telling me i will be sorry if i push her to crawl and move all around- everything in it’s time. i believe what she really said to me was, “what’s wrong with you first time mother’s wanting your child to crawl! YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO CRAWL!” Meaning they get into everything, etc. LOL Too funny! I am listening, H! I really am!! ; ) I am not saying i don’t want her to crawl or i am encouraging her to degress because i’m NOT. i’m not going to be pushy either though. it just seems like in today’s world everyone is pushing for the next thing, the next best whatever, what’s wrong with right now- everything naturally progresses without us shoving it to go faster!!!! (i’m preaching to myself here too- i’m a pusher and desperately trying to change my ways!) : )