not enough

Posted: 06/10/2008 in Uncategorized

i don’t blog about eric enough! so i’m gonna brag a tad about my fav dude!

oh ya, and he has a new blog post too! maybe you should go read that before you read this post…

everyday he says he does the same thing over and over again… well maybe that’s true in part, but what he left out is everything he does for me that isn’t so boring, right hun! ; ) 

he goes to work

he comes home and the first thing he says is “Hi, i missed you today, or i love you girls…!”

then he says, “what can i do for you” (he is so selfless with his time!)

after we do the above things today…

he helps me, or makes supper!

then after supper, he says, “ok what can i do for you now”- or just takes liz and they go play while i do something!

he’s constantly serving!! i’m a VERY blessed wife!

not everyday does it go like this! somedays i’m off and crabby and it’s all a big flop because i’m in a bad mood! but if i am doing ok, and we are both serving each other lovingly- the last thing i’d call the day, is mundane!


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