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home sweet home

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home will always be home. i’m so glad for that. i don’t think i regret our decision to establish our family in lancaster for the time being, but that doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate the days we spend at my home. the children are so sweet and i miss out on so much!

i guess i’ll start with the end of the day first and work my way through the day. we went to b and h’s for supper and everyone was there. we had a wonderful time. yummy food, a big swing set to swing on, a big trampoline… speaking of “the tramp” as the kiddos call it, i decided to get up and jump with lilli and attie. what a ball! lizzie faith wanted to join in on the fun so i held her while we all jumped (barely!) but it was tons of fun. i stopped after not too long feeling like i was going to pull every muscle in my legs! but it was sure sweet! lol right before we left, gena and liz decided to have some quality time! it was video quality too! soooo cute! at times gena wanted lizzie to hold her, she can never be close enough to lizzie and lizzie is so much more reserved than that! lol i love how much we can see of each of their personalities already! gena is such a sweetheart! i feel like i’ve missed so much! 

mary catherine and i made a large dent in the wedding invites, i think! if she posts pics on her blog, i’ll link this post to them, otherwise you’ll have to wait until after the wedding to see everything we are working on! 😉 i have a lot of work to do though! but i’m sooo excited and looooooove this kinda thing!! mc’s mom is a spoiler and she did just that to me yesterday. she got me a g.c to smokey row, which after lunch i had a wonderful time picking things out! : ) yea! for shoppin!

before we went to smokey row for lunch we were at bridal dreams while mc tried on her wedding dress and such. we headed up to ‘art on the square’ before bridal dreams and ran into some good ol’ friends and their families! what fun was that!! i’m so glad we ran into each other!

that’s the run down, it feels like the way i typed it is some what of a boring day! please don’t be confused, the day was everything but boring! ; ) it was a busy busy day! eric with a migraine, lizzie deciding everything was too exciting to nap! AHHH! my survival was questionable at times! but i absolutely had a wonderful day thanks to all of you people who were in it!!