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proud momma

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i’m so proud of lizzie! she’s been wanting to go from sitting to standing by just gripping onto my thumbs and then she pulls herself up. today she was fussin and i was working and needed to continue but decided to just stop and play for a min and hopefully i could get my stuff accomplished. so i wasn’t really focused on playing. but she was pulling herself up by my thumbs etc and i was standing up bent over and all of a sudden she took 4 solid steps towards me to pick her up! i barely caught it and hardly comprehended what just happened! that’s the first time she’s ever moved her feet while standing! she acted without hesitance. i think it was almost an accident! lol but she was very pleased with herself! she’s napping now, but i want to see if she’ll do it again or if it truly was an accident! mmm she watched gena walk last week- wonder if she picked it up, kinda… we’ll find out! if she does it again i’ll try to get it on tape. the look on her face is what is so priceless!!

well i’ve spent the majority of my morning messing with my silly myspace account that i’ve neglected since lizzie faith was born. so go check it out and see what’s new… and do let me know what is new with myspace if you are a myspace-er. i have no idea what you do to your page these days. i’ve seen those ‘bumper stickers’ and i think some of those are super cute! i just don’t know how or where to get them- so if you know, please share!! alrighty, that’s all for now. i’m starving!