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ok seriously! i need you guys’ help! yep, you, reading this blog, even you must comment if you have an idea!

for a couple years how another gal and i have been passionate about starting a prayer ministry team at our church. we’ve both done it (as well as a few other gals in the church) ourselves but we felt we wanted to tap into the power of a group. so we are getting everything in order to “launch” this group/ministry.

i want the coolest name on the block! not “too” young and hip and not too old! i really want to call them “wraps” instead of “shawls”. shawls dates the whole thing before i even get a chance!

what do you do? come up with a clever name for our group! i know you all are super creative and even if you think your idea is silly- pleeeeeease post anyway, it might spin off to the perfet thing!

key words:












anti blogging

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i’m sorry i harassed ya’ll and then quick blogging. i just wasn’t in the mood. i was in the mood to read just not write. i hate that feeling!

it was a fun eventful weekend!! saturday we met, auntie heather, gma pammy, ethan, lane, attie, lilli, and gena in ottumwa! i brought my camera to take pictures and left it in the wrong bag in the car which eric took with him! it was so much fun! we went shopping and to the park and then were so pooped we had to head home! : ) i had a blast and am so glad they could all meet us! we missed auntie amanda!!! she is in california with her hubby on vacation! so excited for them and can’t wait for pictures when they return!!

sunday was busy as usual! we had church, of course. lizzie slept through the majority of the church service! that was soo nice! although my arms were feeling it! (speaking of arms: she is currently sleeping and pushing 2 hours a sleep! i don’t think my arms can handle another growth spurt!!! but i think all my prayers of her gaining weight are catching up to me! lol) also a good ol’ friend of my j was at church from topeka! she’s in town visiting family! i hope i get to spend some time with her and her two daughters this week!!!

after church we had a bbq at s and s’s for the worship leaders. it was touch and go for a bit but hopefully the meeting was successful and progress was made.

we came home for a nap and to clean up the house since all weekend we’d dump our crap, eat, make a mess, and leave. so you can imagine what our house looked like. and then we headed back out to church for an evening class on how to get connected in our church. lol for those of you know all the details of our lives, you know we are FULLY connected! lol but we wanted to take all the classes so we could recommend them and encourage others to attend! this is me, attempting to not be a hypocrite. lol that’s funny isn’t it! i’m doing the best i can though!!!

lizzie slept so good last night! i don’t remember a thing, so maybe i slept so good! LOL who knows!

well happy monday to ya’ll! i hope you are making the most of every day and moment!!