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it’s a gloomy cool day here and a divine moment for a coffee. so while i wait for my espresso row to brew i thought i’d catch you up on a few things.

sounds like i’ll be the secretary for a bit longer. i’m still a bit confused but that’s ok! i will still cheerfully do the best i can in all i am doing right now. i am grateful for the extra income and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges. it feels more like a 40-50 hour a week job instead of a 25 hour a week. lol but isn’t that the way it goes when volunteering and being a paid staff member. before i actually got paid i was working 10-15 hours a week, so i guess it’s the same as before. : ) i hope i can do it for a few more months atleast. lizzie likes the afternoon walks up to church too!

she’s been so clingy lately! i wonder what the deal is! it seems like we went through a stage where she was very content with eric and i could be out of sight for a half hour or more without a fuss. and now 10 min is our max! it can be draining but yet at the same time rewarding! i love that i’m her fav person, but a break is very healthy! and daddy needs that lizzie time! this will be the last thing on my mind when she is 16 and i’m wondering where the time went! and besides- who needs a shower anyway! lol jk

well mmm it smells like my coffee is ready to turn into a yummy iced vanilla hazelnut latte. yum yum!