we’re off

Posted: 07/09/2008 in Uncategorized

well liz and i are headed to a b&b in a lil town near by for a night away. a dear friend of mine is treating me and another gal to a momma/daughter- momma/baby night out! we will be participating in a beth moore conference and i’m sooo excited! we did this last year, and it was so rewarding! i can’t wait!

i’m not quite ready- i have everything lined up for work (just about, after one trip to church) and everything but the food packed. got to run a few errands and then we’ll be ready. daddy gassed up the car this morning and got lizzie’s dvd player set up! we should be cruisin by 3! YEA!

i’ll miss eric! i’m hoping lizzie faith will sleep without him. usually she wakes up every 30-45 min until he comes to bed. she wakes up when he gets to bed, she rolls over and rubs his back for a sec and then she sleeps for hours… so sweet!

anyway! it looks like it’s a gorgeous sunny day out! i hope the humidity is low!! yuck!


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