Posted: 07/13/2008 in Uncategorized

ok so you know i JUST said maybe i didn’t have baby fever, maybe it was just anticipation with a friend of mine, waiting for her to have her baby… well another friend just told me at church this morning that she is pregnant! lol back to baby fever! or maybe just need to take more b-complex and be less emotional/hormonal. lol i’m so happy for her!! i can’t wait to meet this baby!!! she’s been waiting years for this!!! god really is good and faithful and he does want to fulfill your dreams… doesn’t make the trials any easier though. *sigh*

we’ve had an eventful day! i won’t get into it- too tired… bummed though! i was hoping for a restful nap and some lounge time. bummer!

  1. Jenn says:

    anybody i know or is she still keeping it a secret? god is faithful, i’ll give him that…nope, doesn’t make the waiting any better but when it happens i’m convinced it makes it that much better!

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