Posted: 07/17/2008 in Uncategorized

my daughter hasn’t been feeling super hot! so it’s been a struggle getting my work done for church with a fussy babe! thanks to my sister’s help, she feels much better this afternoon and evening… so good she is WIDE awake right now! bummer! oh well! guess it’s all the extra naps today in my arms! we had some quality cuddle time today. so with all that said, this is why i haven’t been able to blog… and i’m saving all my blog material for when my new imac comes so i can play away on it and get all post happy! : ) it shipped today and should be here friday or monday. yea! i’m so excited! the other really fun thing is, today we got cabinets for the office area at church! can’t wait to get up there and wipe em down and install them and then organize! i love organizing!! it will be soooooooooo nice! maybe tomorrow night we can work on them.

well off to try to put this lil lady back to bed! wish me luck! i need it!!!


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