Posted: 07/21/2008 in Uncategorized

i’m so excited! tomorrow is the day my imac arrives!! mom and amanda are coming to see us and pick up meat and hopefully help me cuz it’s been 7 years since i used a mac on a daily basis!! i think it will all come back to me- it’s like “home” you remember everything once you get there… i’m sure i’ll be frustrated some but i think i can handle that. lol

lizzie’s been crawling all day. she crawled up at church while i was working and her poor knees and legs were sooo red- that carpet is super rough!! since then she hasn’t been crawling much here at home. i do think it really hurt her legs! i bet her skin is pretty sensitive… for atleast a couple more days and then i have a feeling they will be tougher!!

poor thing is awful fussy and i’m pretty sure it’s this tooth… it’s so swollen!! : ( poor baby!

  1. mc says:

    yay!! Let me know how it goes…I love just getting packages in the mail! 🙂

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