Posted: 08/01/2008 in Uncategorized

a friend of mine, just posted a blogpost about this family at this link above.  she asked in her post what i am thankful for… 

im thankful for my mother and father who raised me to think outside of the box… who stepped out when it wasn’t the trend – to eat organics (meaning: no preservatives, from scratch, fruits and veggies, no dye…). who now stands behond me 100% while i raise my family the same way.
i am thankful for a sister who stepped out of her box and decided to homebirth! she is such a strong woman! and because of her, she has also changed many many lives!

i’m thankful for my other sister who tells ya what ya need to hear when you need to… i’m thankful she stretches me with my cooking skills and is always trying new things. i tend to fall into ruts and her natural tendencies and her desire to try new things help pull me out of that place…

i’m thankful for a husband who supports me. even though we don’t agree a lot of the time. his support is amazing and i take it all for granted!



i’m thankful for friends here, new and old who don’t challenge my efforts, instead they respect it and don’t ruin friendships because of our differences…

i’m so very thankful for all the unconventional health knowledge i have and hace access to! this is a blessing beyond my own understanding! i know i don’t post about these things very often but i’m growing more and more passionate about it- so don’t be surprised if you see more. : )

(breanna just realized she wrote that all as a link and is thinking crap! how do i fix it?! oh well! ) 


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