exactly what i was trying to say!!!!

Posted: 08/02/2008 in Uncategorized

If the parents are being encouraged to bring the children to church with them eventually you will see that the need for children’s church is different. You will ONLY be meeting the needs of these children who truly need parental figures. You can reach out to THESE families in a bigger way. Filling the needs of maybe orphaned children or widows or single moms. which is what the bible commanded, not taking the place of parents!


It isn’t the churches fault oh NO it isn’t! It is the parents! SO EQUIP them! Encourage them! Change the focus! KUDDOS to bringing up this tough thing! It is near and dear to my heart! and something I believe God is reaching out and wanting to deal with ppl all over the world!


(thank you heather for posting this- if you want to read the whole comment it is under “family2”)

  1. Andrea says:

    I just want to shed light on how I view children’s ministry. As a mom of a newborn, I kept my child with me….never sending he/she to the nursery. I didn’t want unfamiliar hands caring for my child:) As my children grew, I have ALWAYS kept them with me during the worship part of the service. I feel that they need to be a part of the whole service and not be shuttled from one room to another. They also need to learn to sit and pray with adults and no what church consists of. When they became old enough for children’s church I embraced that time. They are learning important values and stories in a language that they can understand and learn. As a teacher, I believe children should learn through doing, and I know many times they are acting out their stories and life lessons being taught. I also embrace talents, such as Lynne Roers, and feel blessed that she can touch my children’s hearts. The more people that can tell my children God loves them the better, you can never hear it enough!!!:)
    As a child myself, I went to church FIRST….that’s right without any parents. My aunts brought me with them. As I grew in my faith and demanded more and more shuttling to church my mom began going also. She was baptized a year after me!!! How great is that. Yes, in an ideal world, I would have gone to church with my parents, but I am so glad I could shed that light in my household and hope that our children’s ministries are doing that in some household everytime we send those little ones home. I have a friend that is going to start coming to church b/c I have been bringing her son to wed. night church for a year. She was slowly drawn in and can’t answer the questions he has when he gets home, so she decided it was time she learned too! Praise God…it takes all kinds, ages, and personalities.
    To each their own opinion, this is mine!:)

  2. Jenn says:

    That’s what I was getting at Andrea…although more eloquently put than I did. Perhaps because we grew up in that ‘less than perfect’ way, we see it differently? How very blessed the children who get Biblical teaching at home & from church are! However, as teachers we’d be blessed if children got educational help from home as well as school & too often it just doesn’t happen. Sure..some parents are just lazy, but others are ill-equipped & uncertain & if I can help equip them by giving them a starting point with their child then I passionately will–especially at a young age like my toddlers groups that I work with! Yay for our friend…the little child did indeed lead her, didn’t he?

  3. Pam Sparks says:

    Breanna, I feel you are talking about something completely different than what the two gals are talking about here in the comments. I think you are talking about families meeting w/families in a church school kind of way? I believe FAMILY is the glue to keep America GREAT and FAMILY is being eroded in this culture….chip, chip, chip away at everything that God ordered/designed/created a family to be.
    Now, if there was a child you knew that was from an unchurched family, you could sure include them in your family church life. The
    fact that can’t be denied here is the importance of relationships! Sincere, genuine,
    loving, supportive, constructive interaction w/
    another person/or people. There are many ways to go about these relationships that work! We must open our minds to be/do what God places on our hearts. It is not the same for everyone. Most are influenced in ungodly schools and are shaped by their thinking. When I was growing up, it was ok to pray in the classroom and I’d say most of my teachers in elementary school did pray! We sang Christmas carols even about Jesus! A lot of families have had to rethink education and think outside the box.
    This is happening across our nation in churches also. I say “praise God” for parents
    that want to take back the right to have a relationship w/their children in a society that BREEDS a generation gap through public education, television and yes, even church.

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