Posted: 08/02/2008 in Uncategorized

i love saturdays. i get help around the house all day- not just at night and we get to go shopping today! there’s a few things i want to get that i’ve been waiting weeks to get and today- i’m getting them… : ) i’m also excited to see lizzie pick out a new big girl toy… i know it’s not THAT big of a deal- but she is so proud of herself right now when she pulls herself up to standing and lets go for a few seconds and stands alone. lol too cute for words!! i know a “stand up” toy will help her develop and make her even more proud of herself!

can you believe this blog has had almost 7,000 views (not including my visits to my own site)!!! that’s unreal! and including my old glimpse at blogspot, i’ve had over 10,500 views since i started blogging in february… shwoo! it’s time to be relevant!!! 

i have a goal today to work on eric’s computer (our old pc laptop). i’m trying to get it to work wirelessly linked up to my airport card. i think a phone call to my brother in law, ben will do the trick! : ) i have a very resourceful family! seriously! thanks guys!!! : ) 

i’m off to get ready for the day! i hope it’s a fun one… it always hard to shop at multiple stores with a baby when it’s this hot! ugh! not looking forward to that!


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