they should be dead by morning

Posted: 08/10/2008 in Uncategorized

yep! i meant to type that as the header! 

i just got word that the pitbull/rott’s got a girl. sounds like they bit her up good – she had to go to the hospital for stitches. the mayor was out hunting down the sheriff and it better be to shoot them (by them i mean 8 yep ALL 8 of them in one tiny house, with at least 5 people in the house too!) and if not my hubby will!! we’ve let it go on plenty long now!!!

if you are clueless as to what i’m talking about go to

i’m VERY VERY sad this had to happen to this little girl… i am so very thankful it wasn’t LF!!!

  1. MC says:

    that is HORRIBLE! Ugh…I know by nature those dogs are aggressive, but if people care about them (and NOT have them in mass quantity like that) they can be gentle…but oh my goodness, I hope they are disposed of! I wish there was a law against people who can’t treat animals right to keep them from havin them!!! grrr

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