i want to clear something up

Posted: 08/13/2008 in Uncategorized

i love my husband dearly! and i’ve never loved him more than i love him today! does that mean that i didn’t love him when i married him, no! i loved him very deeply then. i just love him even deeper today! 

does that mean we still have problems? yes! does that mean we stopped loving each other? NO! does that mean we can go along our jolly way acting like nothings wrong? NO! everyone who does that, well, their marriage ends up with the “d” word… 

i feel like i’m getting weird looks (AND I AM!)- like ooooh they aren’t doing well! lol we are doing GREAT! even better now that i’m learning to love myself!! just because i admitted out loud that i allowed a brick wall between my husband and i in certain areas doesn’t make my marriage doomed to fail – the opposite is in fact true! just means i admitted it! and maybe you need to too so yours gets better! lol who knows… i just felt like i needed to say! we are GREAT! still are great!! will always be great because we won’t push things under the rug.

and we love each other and want to spend everyday of our lives learning how to love each other more… that is what i meant to express by my “mondays ponder” post… : )

  1. mc says:

    wow, you are actually getting weird looks? how crazy is that???!!! no one is perfect and no marriage is perfect either…crazy ppl!

  2. Britt says:

    You’ve hit on the reason most people don’t share problems .. whether it be in their marriage, or just sin they struggle with daily: The judgement of others. It’s also easier to judge those that freely admit their problems, and to justify our own actions .. using the admissions of others to make ourselves feel better about our own shortcomings.

    *sigh* the downfalls of being honest. lol guess that’s why God gave us strong, loudmouth women great guys to stand beside us, huh? :o)

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